Time For GOOT Again

Posted By on November 12, 2010

We have had great success as have others, using the GOOT Recipe for coughs, runny noses, ear infections. We use GOOT on a regular basis and try to always have the ingredients, even if we don’t have some already mixed up. It takes but a few minutes to do, and can be used then, but it is better to have it available and having had the garlic set in the oils. I also have a page where you will find other Home Remedies.

In many of the States, the weather is changing at this time, and the fluctuation in the hot and cold, damp and dry, can cause runny noses, sore throats, stuffed-up noses, congestion in the chest, to name a few.  If the weather is warm in the day and cool at night, and you find yourself out in it, you may also come down with these symptoms.

Samuel came down with a fever night before last, and with that came a runny nose. He had gone out in the wind with us to the store, so I figured that was what it was. He is also teething, and today, he is drooling all over, so that could also be a part of it. Nonetheless, I put GOOT on his feet with socks on them, around his nose, on his cheeks and ears, down his neck and on his chest and back. He is nursing, so I also put some on me. I usually take some garlic cloves, but I didn’t get to.

Garlic has some wonderful properties, and we use it fresh in all that we can, and cook it too, into most dishes that it will work in.


Garlic is an expectorant that fights many bacteria and some of the viruses that cause flu and colds. Its aromatic oils are excreted through the lungs. During this process, the oils work to kill the microorganisms and to hep you cough up the accumulated mucus. {The Herbal Drugstore, p. 131}

It is a good thing to take fresh cloves every day if you come down with a cold. Adults here take anywhere from 1-3 a day, and the children also take a clove or two a day, depending on if they can swallow it. Our 4yo can swallow it and will do so if we give him a piece of one.

Goot RecipeAs for today, I am GOOTing up several children who woke up with runny noses, so it doesn’t get worse. And, I have put it in my nose before, to make sure it won’t hurt them, and it doesn’t. That’s a good way to get it into their airways and sinuses.

Another thing I do right away is to mix up some cinnamon into a teaspoon of honey. You can see the benefits of that mixture here: (Cinnamon &) Honey for What Ails You. They will also be taking warm baths sometime today and be getting plenty of rest.

Note that after you put GOOT on them, it will start the flow of junk out of their system, which might make you think that they are getting worse. This is not the case. It will look worse, but it is actually pulling everything out to get it out of their system, so hang in there!

Shalom and be in health!!


Dear friend, I am praying that everything prosper with you and that you be in good health, as I know you are prospering spiritually.” 3 John 1:2

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  1. Joycelyn says:

    I am so thankful for GOOT since your wonderful daughter recommended it, and I tried your recipe! Thank you again for sharing it! I am also a big believer in the use of garlic regularly in diet. I once had someone tell me they thought my sweat smelled like garlic. I laughed and commented that as much garlic as I eat, it would be no surprise to me.
    Shabat Shalom!


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