Memorial Day

Posted By on May 27, 2013

I don’t want to say Happy Memorial Day.
I want to say I’m thinking of all of those who have lost their lives in the senseless wars that have ravaged this world for millenia.
I want to hug my Grandfather (if he were still alive) and tell him I’m sorry for all he went through and could never speak of again because it was so horrible, what he saw.
I want to hug all of the adults who grew up without a parent or grandparent because they were taken in a war.
I want to give what I can to help those men and women who come home broken and never the same because of greedy stingy people in charge of countries that no one really owns and we all just want to live in peace in.
I want to say thank you to those who served and got to come home alive and who are serving and who will serve. It is not a right war ever imo, but it is of a heart of patriotism and protection that you do it, so thank you.
And I want to give big hugs to the moms and dads who have ever had to bury their child so that we could live in this world and in this nation. It isn’t right and it isn’t fair, and my words mean nothing, but I wish I could heal your broken heart and give your child back their life to live to old age.
Now, I do want to say have a good Memorial Day and be blessed today, and if there are people in your life you need to talk to or hug or just love, don’t waste another moment, do it.

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Welcome. I'd like to say that I'm first a 40-ish yr old woman with all of my likes and dislikes, but let's face it, Firstly, I'm a mom to 9 wonderful people, young and old, from ages 23 down to 3. That's my main life: loving, walking with, learning with, teaching, and being driven crazy by my kids and their antics and also being amazed by their capacity to keep loving a person like myself. So, I'm a 40-ish home school mom - teacher of the last 6 of my 9 kids, hoping I don't screw them up too badly, but knowing that they are probably all so awesome they will turn out much better people than I am. For which I am very GRATEFUL. Namaste.