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Posted By on December 29, 2012

I didn’t used to be a purse girl. Frankly, a big bag was easier. I either needed only a wallet or a bag to carry everything to be prepared with. And now, I’m a Miche lady.

Gorgeous Red Patent Miche. What's your style?


Life is strange.

The last fave purse I owned, I inherited from my step-mom after she died.  It was a hobo-style leather patchwork purse with just the right pockets in the right places. It was stolen out of a stroller at the mall in Las Cruces while we were Christmas shopping one year. and I loved it. Gosh, that’s been at least 15yrs ago…. I haven’t much cared about purses since then.

I honestly didn’t get what the big deal was when my sister kept posting about Miche on her Wall either. For years, I used a Land’s End diaper bag that I got on sale and that was about it.

But not anymore.

How does one go from that to a Miche Bag Representative?
I do need to carry things with me, and I love the concept of Miche purses with the interchangeable shells. I love that a woman can define herself, her likes, her personality, her style, through her shells. It’s simple and fun, and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting women and having fun with them.

And you can have fun with your very own Miche as well. Join me for our Year End Clearance Sale, going on now with select items at up to 70% off.

Some of my fave Miche!

This is Annecy, a Luxe Demi. She is my fave Luxe shell.

 You can see Annecy here:

The Black Soft Wallet. She's not available, but there are some nice ones that are, and even some that are in the Year End Clearance Sale



Myranda Demi shell. Beautiful plum with pleats

Myranda is here:

Char Hip Bag. Isn't she pretty?

 Find Char here:


One thing I absolutely love about Miche is that I get to design my own. I am always changing handles to fit my style, adding chains or switching to a colored handle, adding carabiners. The Black Rope handles are particularly comfortable and can be used as two handles or one long strap. The Interchangeable Handlesdo with any shell, and I recently tried two on my Petite, and though the purse is tiny by my standards, the larger chains look great on it!

So, take some time and look around my Shoppe. I hope you get to take advantage of some great bargains on some beautiful purses!

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4 Responses to “Some of MY Favorite Miche”

  1. Michelle says:

    They ARE very lovely. I have never been a purse girl either, but because I am a creative person, I am intrigued by the art and even the science behind it ( the fact that they are magnetic is very cool!)

    I might consider something like this if it wasn’t a party plan. It also seems like there is a quota or something like that.

    I hope you are doing well. the Lord has brought you and your family to mind many times in prayer.


    Jacque Reply:

    Hi Michelle.
    Yes it’s a party plan, but a lot of it is residual income. I did very well with the last sale without having a party at all. And I have done a few good book parties too. Now, of course, you are going to sell more with seeing the purses up close and personal, and that is also the fun of it, but it is possible. I got 20% of my sales until I hit (I think) $1500 in sales? and now I get 25%.
    I haven’t had a home to work out of since I started really, but I have some great customers and friends who already love Miche.
    One important thing is that Miche isn’t saturated like a lot of other markets. Many people haven’t seen a Miche, let alone heard of them.
    There are seriously not very many Representatives around the country or the world.
    If you are ever serious about hearing more about it, shoot me an email and we can discuss it. purseparties AT

    :) thanks for thinking of us and have a great new year!


  2. Michelle says:

    To clarify what I meant: If I could just sell the purses online without doing home parties, I might consider it! (Very tired today:)

    Hope you have a blessed and Happy New Year!


  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you, Jacque. If Miche gets to the point where it allows people to just sell their products online, and I don’t have to do parties, (i have health issues, can’t drive a lot and homeschool) I will definitely consider it. I’ve been thinking about it for a month now and they are one of the few products I could get excited enough to sell! I use to do Tupperware but had a hard time convincing people that they needed to buy expensive plastic.


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