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Prevention is the best remedy. Keeping ourselves healthy is a top priority, and we do that by watching what we eat and not taking unnecessary medicines that will actually inhibit the wonderful immune system that Yahveh designed into us.

Foods are either going to keep you healthy or open you up to sickness. It is the same with the chemicals we put use and onto our skin, such as toothpaste, make-up, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, hair permanents, etc… you get the picture.

SUNSHINE is one of the healthiest things you have to work for you in the winter. Because the sun shines less in winter, you have to make it a point to watch for the sun and get into it. The sun has natural Vitamin D that helps strengthen our immunity, especially against influenza.


For your cough, you can also use honey, apple cider vinegar (ACV), or both of them mixed together. I mix them in a tablespoon, with equal parts and just take them together.
Our local Kroger carries Spectrum Organic ACV, and you should be sure to use raw local honey.


Goot RecipeFor sinus problems, cayenne pepper, taken as directed below, will help clear them up. Also, for our Littles, we use GOOT.
I put GOOT into noses and ears, and rub it onto sinuses across the cheeks and around the ears, being sure to get it onto the lymph nodes around the bottom of the ears.

You will find the GOOT recipe HERE.

Strep Throat

AVC, Mixed 3 tbsp into half a cup of water and sipped slowly, cuts through the nasty stuff in your throat, and it’s also deadly to the strep bacteria.

Other remedies include:
colloidal silver,
and cayenne pepper.

I have not used the C.Silver, but to use the cayenne pepper, put 1/8 tsp into half a glass of warm water. Gargle until all but about 1/2 tsp is left, then swallow the last bit.

More info about that here:


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For more home remedies and information like this, please be sure to see my page – homeopathic directory, Home Remedies.

[Thanks to my friend Jennie Chancey at for some of the info above.]

Disclaimer: As with any medical information, please check with a Dr. before taking it or using it if you have any questions or doubts about the accuracy of the information. I have to let you know that this is not here to take the place of a professional opinon, if you so agree one is necessary…

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11 Responses to “Winter Home Remedies”

  1. Charlene says:

    I’m saving this info!! Thanks!!


  2. Stephanie says:

    Wanted to share an ear infection cure that I have been using since I was little. Our family doctor actually recommended it to my mother because all of us suffered horribly from constant ear infections as children, and he didn’t want to keep giving us antibiotics.

    The cure is simply Vodka. I don’t drink, so have no alcohol in the house, except for this. I buy a small airline size bottle at the local liquor store, and it lasts me about 2 yrs. I place about 1/2 capful in the affected ear, and place a damp piece of cotton ball in the ear. I (or the kiddos if it is them I am treating), lay for a few minutes, massaging just under the ear, to help in getting the Vodka into the ear canal.

    The doctor explained that it worked because of the high alcohol content. It kills any bacteria that may be causing infection/inflammation. So far (40 yrs or so), it has worked like a charm!
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..30 Days To Live Challenge-Day One =-.


  3. MaggieRaye says:

    Is the GOOT suppose to “bring out” the symptoms or kill it? I used it w/Matt — probably not soon enough and as soon as I started, boy has he been “goopy”. Fortunately, everything is draining/clearing…just wondering, because I know some things have to get worse before they get better?

    Blessings, MaggieRaye


    Jacque Reply:

    For us, it automatically starts draining out all the gunk in the sinuses, nose, etc. While it does that, it does still kill the bacteria and keep it from getting worse (as I said, in our experience).
    I always have my children cough and spit if they have stuff in their throats so it won’t sit in there.
    Is that what you meant by ‘goopy’?


    MaggieRaye Reply:

    Yup! That’s what it has done, and that is what I meant…I suspected as much, but just wanted to double check…there was that momentary, “bad mommy guilt” of having just made him worse…silly…silly me…thanks Jacque…


  4. Thanks for the info! I’ll be sure to pass this article along as well as file it away for the future. :)

    Blessings and shalom to you!
    .-= Hannah Braboy´s last blog ..How To: Sourdough Bread =-.


  5. michelle says:

    in the strep throat recipe, what is AVC? my poor family has been fighting the most horrible round of strep i’ve ever seen. we’ve used your GOOT recipe with amazing results. thanks!


    Jacque Reply:

    Hi Michelle! ACV is good ‘ole Apple Cider Vinegar. The best I have found is the kind with the ‘Mother’ culture still live in it. Bragg’s is one brand you might want to try. Other than than, ACV is great to kill all kinds of bad things in the throat(imo, of course)
    I also have a Apple Cider Tea linked on the Home Remedies page that you might try too.

    I have not heard from anyone that the GOOT was a complete failure. The only reports I ever hear is how good it is and how well it works. I am so glad to hear that report!
    Shalom, and may you get to feeling better and be healed!


    michelle Reply:

    thank you so much! i thought so but wanted to make sure. You blog is one i stumbled across quite by accident, but love the tidbits you have here. It is quite a refreshing place you’ve got here. I pray God bless you and yours.


    Jacque Reply:

    :) Thanks Michelle! And may you be blessed as well!

  6. Josee says:

    For strep throat we use a few drops of tea tree oil in warm water and gargle with it. I wouldn’t recommend it for little ones though.


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